I am a mediator and a coach, but I used to practice as a lawyer. Can I order the workbooks that include the law version?

We ask that only licensed lawyers purchase the workbooks that contain the customized legal explanations.

The neutral version has all the same helpful exercises and preparatory questions – and a more general overview of legal principles that apply to separation and divorce.

We invite clients to look for assistance from a collaborative lawyer to understand the specific application of the law to their situation. This way you can satisfy your duty to not give legal advice, while still giving the clients all kinds of help to prepare for their process with you.

How do you “get” the clients to do the work with the workbooks?

“Clients' positive feedback speaks volumes about the effectiveness of our Our Family in Two Homes workbooks. Rather than trying to "get" them to do anything, I invite each client to explore the first 13 engaging pages at their own pace. And I assure them that the workbook is private, and they don't need to 'turn it in'.

My tip: During your meetings, ask them about their discoveries from the exercises, fostering a natural and enjoyable conversation. Clients appreciate this approach and embrace the opportunity to learn about themselves on their own terms.”
Jacinta Gallant, Founder OFITH

What kind of Training do I need to be considered a “family dispute resolution professional” under your terms of agreement?

We want to ensure that the divorce professionals using our resources are committed to helping clients resolve family conflict through processes like collaborative practice, mediation, parenting coordination and family therapy.

We ask that you have completed at least 3 days of basic training in mediation or interdisciplinary collaborative practice.

If you haven’t completed that yet, get in touch so we can help you find the resources you need to truly transform your practice.

We want to help you join the community of divorce professionals using more peaceful ways to help families.

What are some ways to recover my costs?

To recover costs, several members include the workbook expenses in a comprehensive intake or resource package fee, ensuring clients receive valuable services while covering workbook costs.

For revenue generation, some members confidently increase their fees beyond the workbook expenses, offering clients enhanced value through the efficient use of workbooks.

Some members create entire new offerings around the workbooks and their practice - from virtual sessions to email support.

Others prioritize job satisfaction and implement the workbooks without making additional income, considering the cost as part of their office budgeting process. Embracing these strategies empowers professionals to elevate their practice and foster greater success.

What if I have a case with a professional who is not using these resources?

If the other professional is willing to give the workbook a try, you can give their client one of your workbooks and decide how you want to recover your cost.

We ask you to inform the other professional about our resources via our website and invite them to join our community. 

And you can refill your supply of workbooks with the Refill Pack or in the online Two Homes Professional Community Network.

Remember: the workbooks help the clients be better prepared for their work with you, so even if the professionals are not equally experienced, the clients will still benefit!

Do you offer pricing for Law Firms or Practice Groups?

Are you a Collaborative Group and would like to order our workbooks? YES – we have you covered!

Please fill out the CONTACT US form and we will be glad to get you started!

We love bringing practice group members together to learn about our innovative tools for Collaborative Practice.

We offer special support to make it really work for your group.

Can my marketing manager get access to the materials? 

YES. They sure can. You would just have to connect them to us and we would get them access. We want to help you be successful!

Can I get help with my website?

The Boost Your Business Pack provides everything you need to build Our Family in Two Homes resources into your website and speak to the public with a compelling message.

However, it does not include building a website or any marketing tools. If you want additional help, we can connect you with some excellent website builders and marketing professionals who understand our resources.

Are the Marketing Materials available in other languages?

We are ready to make the materials work for you.

Once we have enough members in a language we will build marketing resources in that language. Get in touch!

So far, we have members in Spanish, German, and Portuguese-speaking countries.

Is there a specific focus for the one-on-one coaching session?

We want the time to focus on what you need - which is why we offer some reflection questions and invite you to tell us where you want to focus.

Your coaching call - your choice!

Can I book a call “with a friend”?

The Elevate Your Practice coaching sessions are designed for you - for your individual needs.

If you want to book a group session (two or more people) get in touch via the contact form and we will try to accommodate with resources and pricing that works!

Does Jacinta offer other training or mentoring?

Yes! Jacinta offers regular training sessions online and can be booked for in-person training as well.

Visit www.jacintagallant.ca to learn more.

How do I access the live training?

Once you're part of our Two Homes Mighty Network, you'll receive details for all training events, including dates, ZOOM links, and additional information.

Simply add the events to your calendar, RSVP, and join the interactive sessions.

We record the live sessions for your convenience. However, attending them live allows for better interaction and engagement.

How often are the live sessions?

Live Training is offered six times a year, catering to all relevant time zones.

Do I earn professional development credits?

Absolutely! Upon request, we can provide you with a Proof of Participation letter for the Training you've completed throughout the year.

What is a HANGOUT?

Our Hangouts are casual gatherings for our members worldwide. These meet-ups may have a topic for discussion and are an opportunity to connect and chat. You will receive the invites via the Two Homes Might Network.

How do I know how many workbooks I should get?

Our happiest members use a workbook with almost every client. Think about how many new clients you see in a six month period and start there. How many of these clients need support to work out agreement (these are the ones the workbooks are made for). Then think about clients whose needs are more transactional (ie.documents drafted). These clients may not need a workbook, even though they might benefit from it. If you are still doing litigation, remember that your client might need the workbook more than ever. We're learning that the workbooks are a huge benefit in litigation cases.The price per workbook goes down as you order more. So you can always factor that into your thinking.

Is Designing Our Future Together customized for different legal jurisdictions?

Designing Our Future Together can be used with all English-speaking clients as it provides only general information about relationship agreements and specifically directs clients to seek legal advice in their part of the world.

Can this workbook be used by all Divorce Professionals?

As with all of our resources, we ask our members to be collaboratively trained divorce professionals registered and insured to practice in their jurisdiction.

We have coaches, therapists, lawyers, financial planners, and collaborative teams using this workbook with clients around the world.

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