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Your impact with using the workbooks has been exceptional, and we hope everything is going well. Now, let's take your practice to new heights with our Refill Pack.

Select the relevant workbook versions and quantities that best suit your practice. 

Available versions:

  • Our Family in  Two Homes: Tailored for separating parents raising minor children; available in legal and neutral versions.
  • Our Family in a Few Homes: Perfect for separating spouses with adult children; available in legal and neutral versions.
    • The legal version is tailored for legal professionals in over 50 jurisdictions, this version provides accurate legal information to navigate complex landscapes. We require proof of license.
    • The neutral version is designed for mediators and coaches worldwide, this version helps to facilitate peaceful transitions universally. No restrictions on usage locations or legal intricacies.

  • Designing Our Future Together: Ideal for couples seeking to stay together or working on their prenups or postnups.

Equip yourself to empower families with peace and understanding during life's transitions.

Together, we'll create a brighter future for all.

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How we ship the Refill Pack:

Our shipping process is designed to be flexible and cater to your unique needs.

To ensure smooth delivery, please note that the minimum order for all workbooks is 5.

Simply select the workbooks that fit your requirements, including the version, jurisdiction, and desired bundle size (5, 10, or 20).

If you need a variety of workbooks, no worries!
Just customize your selection again and add them to your cart.

If you would like to order more than 20 workbooks per refill bundle, please contact us via the contact form!

Our goal is to make your workbook shopping experience as convenient as buying t-shirts in different sizes and colors.

Let's get started on empowering your practice!

Refill Pack
Refill Pack
Refill Pack
Refill Pack
Refill Pack


How do I know how many workbooks I should get?

That’s a tough question, because it’s really based on your clientele and how many clients you get.