Get Curious About Being Curious

Get Curious About Being Curious

Curiosity - Yeah - Yeah - Blah - Blah 

But we have to be productive!
Clients expect us to get the job done!

If you ask most divorce professionals what gets in the way of our "getting the job done", the most common answer will be: the clients' resistant behaviours.

The bumps we hit on the road to resolution are often the defensive reactions, the blaming "barbs", the expression of strong emotions in a manner that feeds the defensiveness of the other spouse - or fuels the protective actions of the lawyers. This is life and we are in it - professionally and personally.

So who has time to be curious?
Let's look at the science. 

Learning something new changes us – it opens us up to discovery and feeds our souls. It leads to insights that stay with us forever, and it makes us happier people because, let’s face it, being a “know-it-all” gets old! 

Curiosity calms - it brings a positive emotional experience to the giver and the receiver. And calm people are more open to the insights needed to effectively deal with their s@*t. 

So given this - curiosity saves time.  

I developed the Our Family in Two Homes resources to harness the power of curiosity, and focus it on creating transformative change - for our clients and divorce professionals. 

You will find your own unique, incredible way to use our resources - so take the pressure off! Be curious about being curious and enjoy the journey.