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Empower Pack

Empower Your Clients.
Elevate Your Practice.

Seamlessly integrate these resources into your practice with 12 hours of live, interactive training sessions, 8 recorded video tutorials, and carefully crafted written resources.

Connect, learn, and grow within our exclusive Two Homes online community, including Group Training Sessions and engaging bi-monthly Hangouts.

    Expand your practice and experience the transformative impact of the Empower Pack.

    Choose your preferred workbook version and jurisdiction, and empower families with confidence and compassion during life's transitions.

    The Empower Pack includes:

    • 6 two-hour online training sessions per year
    • 5 workbooks
    • 8 recorded video tutorials
    • Premium access to the global Two Homes Network via our Mighty Network
    • Written tips and templates for immediate application
    • Bi-monthly “Hangouts” accommodating various time zones
    • 1 20-min Onboarding Session with Two Homes Director of Operations

    We offer a 12-month payment plan for this product. At checkout, simply select "Payment Plan" as your payment method.

      Choose the version that best suits your practice:
      Choose the country your practice is based in (the information contained in your pack will be relevant to the country selected):
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      Details: Recorded Video Tutorials & Live Training

      The Empower Pack includes six 2-hour training courses. Each module is dedicated to a theme and contains theoretical input and practical tips:

      1. Conversation Starters Part 1: Trust, Communication & Conflict Styles: Learn to engage clients with insightful questions about communication patterns, conflict challenges, personality types, and trust.
      2. Conversation Starters Part 2: Working with Values & Money Personality: Practice asking questions about values, decision-making styles, and money personality to improve your efficiency and effectiveness.
      3. Keeping Cares on the Table Part 1: Exploring what Matters - interactive: Discover how to identify and articulate clients' cares (needs, interests, hopes, and relational values) for better outcomes.
      4. Keeping Cares on the Table Part 2: Working with What Matters - interactive: Create optimal conditions for generating options that align with clients' unique needs, hopes, and values.
      5. Insight Foundations: Why Supporting our Client's Learning is Transformative
        Explore the transformative Insight approach to conflict resolution and learn to manage conflict moments effectively.
      6. The Business Case for Resource Packages: Discover how pricing resource packages with cost-efficiencies can be an attractive alternative to the billable hour model.
      Details: Written Resources

      The written resources contain:

      • 1 "Getting Started Guide" explaining how to understand and work with the exercises in the workbooks
      • How to Work with Values
      • Practice Tips
      • Pricing Ideas
      • Tips and Templates
      • Demo Scripts for working with both clients "in the room"
      • Demo Scripts for working with the themes in the workbooks
      Details: Community Support

      You will benefit from our global community through:

      • Exclusive access to our Two Homes Professional Network
      • Invitations to live Hangouts with Two Homes Community members from around the world for themed or casual chat sessions
      How we ship the Empower Pack:

      How we ship the Workbooks:
      Once you place your order, we'll print and mail the workbooks to your doorstep, typically within a business week. Please make sure you enter your shipping address correctly at check-out.

      How we ship digital products:
      We ship all our digital products through Mighty Networks, our content and community platform. 

      You will receive an email with a link to set up your account. This account will grant you access to:

      • the recorded training to enjoy the flexibility of watching them at your convenience, whenever you prefer.
      • the global Two Homes Network - a thriving online global community with like-minded professionals
      • the sign-up & schedule for the Live Training (we also will send you an email reminder!) and hangouts.

      Then you're all set to transform your practice and empower your clients!

      Empower Pack
      Empower Pack
      Empower Pack
      Empower Pack
      Empower Pack


      How do I access the live training?

      Once you're part of our Two Homes Mighty Network, you'll receive details for all training events, including dates, ZOOM links, and additional information.

      Simply add the events to your calendar, RSVP, and join the interactive sessions.

      We record the live sessions for your convenience. However, attending them live allows for better interaction and engagement.

      How often are the live sessions?

      Live Training is offered six times a year, catering to all relevant time zones.

      Do I earn professional development credits?

      Absolutely! Upon request, we can provide you with a Proof of Participation letter for the Training you've completed throughout the year.

      What is a HANGOUT?

      Our Hangouts are casual gatherings for our members worldwide. These meet-ups may have a topic for discussion and are an opportunity to connect and chat. You will receive the invites via the Two Homes Might Network.