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Our Family in Two Homes

Discovery Pack

Pivot your Practice with Our Family in Two Homes

The Discovery Pack is your gateway to empowering clients and pivoting your practice! It brings you client workbooks and essential training to refresh your family law, mediation, or coaching practice and meet the needs of the modern client. Our resources help you guide families toward a healthy transition to two homes.

What's inside:

The Discovery Guide: A comprehensive guide will help you easily integrate Our Family in Two Homes' resources in your practice. The guide includes:

  • Access to a Live Session of your Choice: Use the sign-up link in the Discovery Guide to choose your live session from the three we offer per year.
  • Access to a Tutorial Video: Learn how to manage the interactions and flow of the case with prepared clients who are ready to engage - and enhance the value of what you bring.

  • Access to the "Insightful Recording": Learn about the benefits of client discovery and reflection – and why these workbooks work – based on the "Insight Approach to Conflict Resolution.
PLUS: You will receive 5 Our Family in Two Homes Workbooks to get started with our client-preparation resources and immediately see the difference.

      Why choose the Discovery Pack?

      1. Perfect for Getting Started: Dip your toes into the innovative world of Our Family in Two Homes and gain confidence in this new way of working.
      2. Supports Diverse Learning Styles: Learn in the way that works for you.  We cater to various learning preferences for the ultimate well-rounded experience.
      3. Access Decades of Experience: Benefit from our wealth of experience as a practicing lawyer, mediator and conflict resolution expert who uses the workbooks every day with clients. We walk the talk. 

      We know that getting started is the hardest part.
      You are on the right track!

      Empower your clients and transform your practice — get the Discovery Pack today!

      We offer a 5-month payment plan for this product. At checkout, simply select "Payment Plan" as your payment method.


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      How we ship the DISCOVERY PACK:

      The Discovery Pack is offered as a hybrid product, which includes both digital and physical components:

      • Digital PDF: Upon purchase, you will receive the Discovery Guide as a digital PDF file. This guide encompasses all pertinent information and provides access to associated videos.
      • Physical Workbooks: The workbooks are physical items that will be shipped to you. It is crucial to provide an accurate shipping address during the checkout process.
      • ATTENTION: If you opt for the "Payment Plan" payment option, you will be sent an email containing a download link for the digital components after your initial payment is processed.
      Discovery Pack
      This product video is describing the Discovery Pack of Our Family in Two Homes.
      Discovery Pack


      The “Two Homes” resources and training have helped me more effectively assist clients outside of court. As a mediator and collaborative attorney, one of the keys to an efficient, effective process is the clients’ self-awareness.

      Clients who complete the workbooks are more in touch with their most important individual values.

      They know how they make decisions and whether they process internally or externally. They also better understand the state of the trust with their spouse or co-parent.

      When they come to joint meetings they are more able to be creative, more aware of their needs and open to their spouse’s needs.  For that reason, we get to agreeable results much more quickly.

      Kathy Campbell, Collaborative Attorney and Mediator, California | USA

      The more I use the workbooks with my clients, the more connected I am with them.  They are sharing more and we are getting to the heart of their issues and concerns.

      I've done hundreds of hours of Mediation and Collaborative Practice training and this is finally the tool that really gets to the heart of the client's concerns in a cost-effective, sensitive and structured way. 

      The “Two Homes” training with Jacinta helped me integrate the tools into the way I work - and now it feels so natural I couldn’t imagine meeting clients without them! 

      Jennifer Hetherington, Collaborative Lawyer and Mediator, Brisbane | AUSTRALIA

      As a lawyer, I find too many couples fear the “prenup” conversation - thinking it will send the message that “I don’t trust you (or us).” 

      I was so excited when I saw the Designing Our Future Together workbook, because it has such a positive feel to it.

      Couples can do the important reflection work on their own and have guided discussions about their future.

      Then, when they work with me as the mediator or collaborative lawyer, they understand that I am there to support them to make the best decisions for their future. 

      The workbook works really nicely in collaborative cases, too.  

      Gwen Mathewson, Collaborative Lawyer and Mediator, Seattle | USA