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Boost your Business Pack

Maximize your marketing impact.
Unleash new income streams.
Boost your Business!

The Boost Your Business Pack provides an exclusive 1:1-Marketing & Social Media Coaching Sessions and 2 recorded comprehensive Marketing & Social Media webinars to excel at your own pace.

Ready-made graphics and customizable Canva templates to match your brand aesthetics will enhance your marketing efforts.

We offer a 12-month payment plan for this product. At checkout, simply select "Payment Plan" as your payment method.

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      • 1x 30-minute tailored Coaching Call to optimize your marketing efforts
      • 2 comprehensive Marketing & Social Media webinars
      • a professionally produced 90-second promotional video to use on your website outlining the benefits of using the Our Family in Two Homes client preparation kit to the client
      • 5 ready-made graphics in .png and .svg format
      • 3 customizable Canva templates to integrate Our Family in Two Homes smoothly into your unique branding
      Boost your Business Pack
      Boost your Business Pack


      Can my marketing manager get access to the materials? 

      YES. They sure can. You would just have to connect them to us and we would get them access. We want to help you be successful!

      Can I get help with my website?

      The Boost Your Business Pack provides everything you need to build Our Family in Two Homes resources into your website and speak to the public with a compelling message.

      However, it does not include building a website or any marketing tools.  If you want additional help, we can connect you with some excellent website builders and marketing professionals who understand our resources. 

      Are the Marketing Materials available in other languages?

      We are ready to make the materials work for you. 

      Once we have enough members in a language we will build marketing resources in that language. Get in touch! 

      So far, we have members in Spanish, German, and Portuguese-speaking countries.


      The marketing resources really speak to the public and I have been able to seamlessly integrate them into our website, marketing, and social media.

      The messaging is engaging and the images appeal to what clients are experiencing at a difficult time.

      All of this works to help me attract the clients I want to serve.

      Selina Trigg, Collaborative Lawyer and Mediator, Christchurch | NEW ZEALAND

      I have had an out-of-court practice for many years and so the Our Family in Two Homes resources fit perfectly.

      Adding the marketing resources really helped me refine my message to attract the clients I want, enhance my website and social media presence, and save me time (and money) as my marketing support people could seamlessly work with the Our Family in Two Homes graphics, videos, and messaging.

      Beryl McNeill, Collaborative Lawyer and Mediator, Calgary | CANADA

      When I made the workbooks a regular part of every case, I learned that most clients really want this kind of support: Guidance that they can do on their own time. 

      The marketing resources help me send the message to the clients I want to attract - on my website, on social media, and in presentations. 

      This way clients know up front that I support them with guided preparation tools - and then I can focus on delivering a legal service that fits their needs, and aligns with my values.

      Alisa Peskin-Shepherd, Collaborative Lawyer and Mediator, Michigan | USA