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Any good divorce professional knows that family conflict is complex – and that every family is different. Our comprehensive workbooks combine customized legal information with opportunities for self-reflection – so clients are prepared to engage in the discussions that matter.

Our Family in Two Homes was created by Jacinta Gallant, a collaborative family lawyer and mediator who decided to completely stop litigating after 20 years in practice. Jacinta wanted more meaningful and productive engagement with her clients and she wanted to enjoy going to work again. She found a way to work with the values that led her to law school in the first place – to help people and make the world a better place.

When Jacinta created Our Family in Two Homes to use with her own clients, it truly transformed her practice. And now, these resources are being used by lawyers and mediators around the world – who are helping more families make a peaceful transition to two homes!

Our Family In Two Homes

A Workbook for family lawyers and mediators to use with separating parents raising minor children.

Our Family In Two Homes

A Workbook for family lawyers and mediators to use with separating parents raising minor children.

Our Family In Two Homes

A Workbook for family lawyers and mediators to use with separating parents raising minor children.

Why the Workbooks Work

The Theory Behind It

Our resources were developed based on the Insight Approach to Conflict, which helps people in conflict understand and address the threats that get in the way of productive dialogue, opening up their pathways to learning something new while bringing about transformative change in their patterns of interaction.

Self-Reflection and Curiosity

Our resources encourage client self-reflection with carefully-crafted, open questions that prepare clients for receptive engagement with their lawyer or mediator, and their co-parent. The focus is on cultivating a sense of curiosity and discovery at a time when these are often lost, which prepares both parties for dialogue rather than debate.

Autonomy and Respect

Our guiding principle is “Never Cut What Can Be Untied” (Joseph Joubert 1790). When trust and connection are challenged, our clients face a tough decision: “Do I cut and run, or do I commit to the work of untying this painful knot?”. Our resources respect our clients’ ability to do the hard – but important – work to make a healthy transition to two homes, and are created with the belief that with the right support, people can be empowered to make the best decisions for their new kind of family.

How can this product benefit you?

Our Family in Two Homes helps both clients and divorce professionals

thrive. Here’s how:


Clients are prepared for their work with you, the divorce professional. Our Family in Two Homes primes clients for discussion and dialogue as it guides them to reflect on the important things they need to consider – on their own time and on their own dime. So, when they’re working with you, they’re ready to talk about what matters and are open to creative problem-solving.


Our resources help you deliver highly-valued services that are worthy of your fee, while building in cost efficiencies that clients love. Our pricing model ensures that you can recover your costs and generate revenue. We offer business tips and templates to help you integrate our resources into your practice. We want this to help you make a healthy living doing excellent work – because divorce professionals matter, too!


Family law consumer demand is shifting. Clients want excellent service that they can’t get from an algorithm or a google search. They want to feel respected and supported at a difficult time. Our Family in Two Homes helps you address the greater expectations of clients, so that you can stand out as an innovative divorce professional who cares about families.


We’re constantly learning from and inspired by the innovative professionals who are using our resources around the world, so we created a private online network – the Two Homes Professional Community. When you are using our resources, you join a community of professionals in 35 different legal jurisdictions in 8 countries (and counting!) – because everything is better together.

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