Frequently Asked Questions

When I indicated my location, I was sent to an enquiry form and did not get any options to purchase the workbooks – why not?

This means we have not yet customized the workbooks for your legal jurisdiction. No worries! This is what we would love to do. Our Legal & Creative Content Director (who is a lawyer herself!) will work with you to develop accurate legal descriptions for your jurisdiction.
How it works: We will send you a short customization questionnaire to complete. Then, our Legal & Creative Content Director will create a draft of the legal sections of the workbook for your review and approval. If you want to get started, please fill out the CONTACT US form and we will get back to you. If you’re worried about time, please know that we have lots of experience customizing and are confident that it would not take more than a couple of hours of your time.

I’m a member of a Collaborative Practice Group and I’d like to get workbooks for our whole group! Can we purchase workbooks?

YES – you Absolutely can! Please fill out the CONTACT US form and we will be glad to get you started! We love bringing practice group members together to learn about our innovative tools for Collaborative Practice. We offer special support to make it really work for your group.

I want to add my logo and I would like to get a peek at what it looks like on the cover before choosing my cover.

Yes you can! We don’t send this to you automatically, so if you want a sneak peak, please fill out the CONTACT US form after you’ve purchased your workbooks! You will have the chance to change your cover choice if it doesn’t look fabulous!

What kind of training do I need to be considered a “family dispute resolution professional” under your terms of agreement?

We want to ensure that the divorce professionals using our resources are committed to helping clients resolve family conflict through processes like collaborative practice, mediation, parenting coordination and family therapy. We ask that you have completed at least 3 days of basic training in mediation or interdisciplinary collaborative practice. If you haven’t completed that yet, get in touch so we can help you find the resources you need to truly transform your practice. We want to help you join the community of divorce professionals using more peaceful ways to help families.

What if I have a collaborative case with a professional who is not using these resources?

If the other professional is trained in Collaborative Practice and is willing to give it a try, purchase a Starter Pack, which includes 5 workbooks and some initial training in how this works. Remember: the workbooks help the clients be better prepared for their work with you, so even if the professionals are not all equally experienced, the clients will benefit anyway!

I am a mediator and/or a coach, but I used to practice as a lawyer. Can I order the workbooks that include the legal explanations?

We ask that only licensed lawyers purchase the workbooks that contain the customized legal explanations. The mediator version has all the same helpful exercises and preparatory questions – and a more general overview of legal principles that apply to separation and divorce. We invite clients to look for assistance from a collaborative lawyer to understand the specific application of the law to their situation. This way you can satisfy your duty to not give legal advice, while still giving the clients all kinds of help to prepare for their process with you.

Unsure which package is right for you?

Let us help!